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Imperia Online is a free online RTS that runs on a browser and it's set in a medieval world where players compete for supremacy. Players begin with a single capital and then grow and expand to a mighty Empire. Technology research, production, a complex economy are all features that the players will need to master if they want to progress

- Annex, vassalize or colonize other territories to expand your holdings
- Join an Alliance to gain access to additional gameplay options
- Real-time, player-driven stock trade
- Free-to-play
- Several buildings and researches to customize your Empire
- High quality hand-drawn graphics and portraits
- No download required

With over a dozen battle units at their disposal, players will have plenty of opportunities when it comes to dishing out punishment to the enemy. While most of the units exhibit a familiar rock-paper-scissor dynamic, many of them also have special abilities that, when used properly, may very well end up turning the tide of battle. Once researched, additional battle formations become available to the player, although, to use those to their full advantage, successful reconnaissance is also required, as it is better to take into account the opponent's army composition.

The longer a battle draws, the lower your troops spirit drops, and once it gets low they will run away from the battle This becomes especially important during a town siege where, if not backed by sufficient siege engines, even a superior army may be routed before the walls are breached.

Players are given a wide array of buildings to shape and strengthen their holdings as they see fit. Divided into two categories, Economy and Military, each building is rendered in gorgeous 2D detail, and each offers specific advantages to the player, depending on his desire to develop either a strong economic power, or to amass an unstoppable army.

Building construction involves gathering the resources required for it and the research of prerequisite technologies. Most buildings have multiple levels available, with each upgrade intensifying the building's effect or unlocking new options for the player.

Players can join an existing Alliance or form one of their own, and invite their friends. Being part of an alliance comes with multiple benefits that make this a preferable option to braving the game's challenges on one's own. First of all, Alliances have several unique Officer positions, each of them granting particular benefits.

Membership in Alliance allows you to participate in Alliance War – a limited-time event, in which both sides fight for supremacy and to get Military points. When the event time expires, the winner is not only elevated in the Ranking, but is also granted the gold value of the enemy units destroyed.

At the end of each Era, all Alliances engage in a completion for supremacy. There are 9 neutral Castles spread throughout each world map, and conquering them increases influence throughout the realm. Furthermore, if one more of the Alliance members' Empires fall within the Castle's circle of influence, they receive substantial boosts to their production rates and morale, while any enemies caught within that radius suffer penalties.

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