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Glory of gods F2P

Glory of Gods is a 2d fantasy mmo rpg with action combat and high detailed graphics where you team up with your friends and fight demons and gods. Picking one of the four classes will get you delving into dangerous dungeons or killing world bosses.

- Swift action combat.
- Explore a huge world with a gods and demos theme
- Play as a rogue, mage, warrior, and priest
- Claim your rank in PvP arenas
- Delve into fearsome dungeons or defeat world bosses
- Get your own mount, bears, horses, ligers, dragons or unicorns there is no limit!
- Enhance your gear by using the magic forge
- Play for free!

Soul companion
Players can get a soul when they reach a specific level, it's a companion that will fight and protect the player specially while running pve content. There are 16 souls to pick from 4 souls in each of the 4 categories, they can also be levelled up and equipped with soul gear.

Group content is led by dungeons, which require a good party and coordination to get through them by slaying horrible monsters and defeating powerful bosses. Using your skills and tactics your party will be able to beat demons and other monsters and eventually claiming the well-deserved reward.

For players eager to beat other players, there arena battles where they can show off their mastery of the character, there is a pvp points mechanic which matches players with similar skill, every weekend the 20 best players get in the weekend finals and fight each other till there is a champion, who is showered with titles and gold.

There is also a Guild war system that allows guilds to attack each other, they have to kill the other guild's prince within 30 minutes, if it's still alive after that time the defenders win.

The game is free and all its features are open, still players can get a VIP card and become VIP members for a limited period of time enjoying town portals, free crystals, extra XP, in-game store, extra honour and much more, all these boosters and more increase as the VIP card rank increases, the longer the period of time the higher their rank.

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