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Grand Chase F2P

Grand Chase is a free side scrolling mmo where players can play together in coop mode and also against each other in a versus mode which is a race to the end. Up to 6 players can team up in the coop mode and have a great fun playing, but usually the most fun is the PvP where you face other players in fast-paced action combat.

- Arcade style combat with combos and spectacular special effects
- Skill base mechanics
- Develop and upgrade your abilities
- Get new gear to become more powerful or just to change the look
- Team Play Mode: PVP 3on3
- Survival Mode: Coop mode up to 6
Ryan (The Druid): at one with nature he is able to transform himself into powerful beasts that can build up ferocious attack combos
Job Progression: Druid – Sentinel – Viken - Xenocider

Arme (The Mage): as a powerful mage Arme has mastered both defensive and offensive spells and is a formidable in battle.
Job Progression: Mage – Alchemist – Warlock – Battle Mage

Amy (The Dancer): a flexible and agile dancer to improve mobility, which is mitigated by having the lowest defences and vitality of any other classes.
Job Progression: Dancer – Muse - Siren

Jin (The Fighter): a martial arts expert armed with swift punches and kicks that can raise his counter-attacks and attack power abilities
Job Progression: Fighter – Grappler

Elesis (The Knight): a skilled in close quarters combatant with the highest defences possible Elesis is one tough lady
Job Progression: Knight – Spearman – Sword Master - Saviour

Lass (The Thief): a quick and nimble rogue he might not be the strongest or be able to take as much damage she makes up for it with his speed
Job Progression: Thief – Assassin – Dark Assassin – Striper

Ronan (The Spell Knight): Using both sword attacks and magic he is the perfect hybrid of a warrior and mage creating a balanced combatant
Job Progression: Spell Knight – Dragon Knight – Aegis Knight – Abyss Knight

Lire (The Archer): a master of the bow Lire is able to dominate her targets at long distance, but is able to handle herself when an enemy gets too close
Job Progression: Archer – Crossbowman – Arch Ranger – Nova

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