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GunZ 2: The Second Duel is a free mmo TPS which brings the old-style shooter to a modern engine, this includes fast-paced pvp and a pve campaign. Of course there are improvements compared to the old shooter titles, such as improved controls, brand new physics effects, and a matchmaking system. The gameplay in the maps has been completely overhauled and now features an dynamic and interactive moving system in which players can bounce from walls, run on them and much more.

- 3 different classes
- Old-style third person shooter
- PvP and PvE modes
- Achievements system
- Deep clan system
- Intuitive controls
- Highly detailed graphics
- Completely free

Shield Trooper
Bigger and stronger than others, they carry thick shields and flamethrowers to burn their enemies alive. It's the class that can stand and deal the most damage dealing.
These soldiers use grenade launchers and machine guns so as long as they keep enemies at a distance they can stand their ground easily, problems come when they're forced into close quarter combat.
Silent Avenger
Deadly assassins which are capable of shooting from the distance with a sniper rifle and quickly get into close combat thanks to their agility, they have low armour and defences due to this so when played properly they're killers, but a high level of skill is required.

The character who unleashes the higher level of destruction and killing is the winner, in this classic game mode the rules are simple.
Team Deathmatch
Teams fight to the death with the same goal as the individual Deathmatch, the team with the most kills is the winner, players can join random players or their clan mates to fight against other clans.
Team Elimination
Every player has one life and the team with the last player remaining is the winner.
Players must fight against Adam Corporation. They must work together to repel wave after wave of foes and bosses.

There are 6 maps, all crafted thinking of high speed interactive movements to move through it and for every single type of game style, from stealthy killers hidden in back alleys to rooftop races chasing foes, some of the maps are an old oil rig, marketplace, abandoned mansion and more.

To further customize their weapons, players have an enchant system in the game that will allow them to use all materials they gather while playing and put them together to improve their weapons, since they can even stack some of the enchants or make perfect matches to get the best out of the weapon.

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