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Warface is a MMOFPS where players can fight against each other in exciting PVP battles or work together in scenario based cooperative campaigns. The game is completely free to play, and has been created using CryEngine 3, which provides the game with awesome graphics and stunning visual effects, which give us the feeling of really being in the midst of a battle.


4 different classes

Several PvP game modes and maps

Cooperative scenarios and missions

Modify your gear and weapons during the matches

High-quality graphics

Completely free to play


Warface is a traditional FPS where players have the option to cooperate in battles against the challenging AI Blackwood Special Forces, or fight against players from around the world in exciting PvP battles. The variety of class skills, unique team support actions, like climb walls or move heavy obstacles really helps to create a gaming experience that requires cooperation with your teammates to advance.


In Warface players can choose between four different classes, each with their own style of play and skills to help support their teammates:

Rifleman – A balanced combatant, equipped with a R4A1 assault rifle. This class is capable of fire constantly and provides ammunition to their allies.

Sniper - Equipped with a SVK Sniper Rifle, this class lacks their teammate's additional skills but their prowess in taking down opponents at a distance makes them useful and extremely deadly

Medic - This class use shotgun to provide some offensive support, although his main role is heal his teammates, and revive his fallen comrades.

Engineer - This fighter uses a Z84 Submachine Gun, claymores and explosives with remote detonation to destroy their enemies. It also has the ability to replenish the armor of his companions.


The game offers new challenges on a daily basis that players can attempt to complete working together with other players to go up against the rival Blackwood private military. Teams of up to five players can cooperate to overcome different campaign scenarios, and overcome enemies and environmental hazards. When players complete a mission they'll receive crowns, which can be used in the game shop to buy items.


Taking on the roles of Warface or Blackwood players go head-to-head in intense PVP match ups, able to handle up to eight players per team there are numerous game types that are available:

Free For All - this open mode is an everyman for themselves, lacking the support of the team players go head-to-head against everyone else on the map, similar to a Team Deathmatch, the first person to reach the max score from their kills or have most points when the time runs out wins

Team Deathmatch - a classic game mode that pits the two teams against each other where the objective is to earn points by killing the enemy team members to reach the maximum score or by having the most point when the timer runs out

Plant the Bomb - whilst one team is tasked with planting a bomb in the enemies base the other is tasked with trying to defuse the bomb or eliminate all the attacking forces, when the match ends both teams switch objectives where the attackers become the defenders and vice versa

Storm - an attack and defend game mode where one team must try to capture three strategic points whilst the other team is forced to defend, when the match ends the two teams swap sides

Destruction - teams battle to try and hold control points located at the center of the map, once held the team calls in an airstrike on the enemies' positions, with three successful air strikes that team will claim victory

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