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Hero of the obelisk F2P

Hero of the Obelisk is a free massive online RPG which features hack & slash combat solo and party content like dungeons. The game has a medieval fantasy theme and it's fast-paced and a decent character customization tool along with party and solo PvP modes.

- 3 classes with up to 18 different specialisations
- Swift hack & slash combat
- Wide array of weaponry and gear plus item enhancements
- Different PvP modes
- 100 dungeons to delve into
- Completely free

They focus on strength and stamina, they can pick from a wide array of weapons to unleash hell upon their enemies. Its offensive path is called Fighter and the protective one Warrior.
They can focus on agility and stealth being called Hunter or technology therefore being called Technicians.
Those who want to heal others can specialize as Cleric or bend towards the dps branch and go Sorcerer.

There are several dungeons to explore in this game, it's the base of the gameplay, they reward players who complete them with treasure chests that can be opened or save for another run of the dungeon, which increases their loot. Dungeons have two different modes, normal and hardcore, with different challenges and difficulties each.
There are quests and sub-quests in the dungeons to get tasks and goals within it, but there are also active missions which vary to helps replay them pretty well.

These are open areas to rest between dungeons and kill some monsters and complete some quests, the higher the level of the open fields the higher the reward as always, they drop far more items than dungeons but reward much less experience so players can pick what they want to do or what theire characters need and go for it.

Multiple teams of 2 to 4 players capture and defend points as in a domination mode, it rewards PvP XP and points to spend.

Siege Battle
This is a weekly event that allow guilds to fight each other on a conquest/defend game mechanic of up to 100 vs 100 players.
You can kill other players in the Open field zones.

Another team based of epic proportions of 100v100.

The Obelisk
Is a race to the top of an enormous tower.

AoS-based PvP
Players control a hero to conquest their enemies.

Players can enhance the gear and weapons they have increasing that way the character's performance on the battlefield, they can boost their stats but can add extra side effects as well, like elemental auras to the weapons. Items can be further customized by using Dite cubes which adds its own properties to the piece of gear it's set on.

Players will get skill runes as loot when killing mobs and completing dungeons, they grant a special effect to that skill, it's another way to customize your character using these passive and active skill runes.

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