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Hyper Universe F2P

GAME STYLE: Free to play Platform-MOBA


A 2D platformer with MOBA gameplay, players battle it out in 4 on 4 matches using a variety of different characters, trying to push minions, destroy turrets, capture camps and fight against their opponents in beat-em-up style combat.

- 20+ Playable Characters with unique abilities
- 2D Platform graphics
- Fast beat-em-up style combat
- Capture jungle camps and bosses for boosts
- Customize your character with gear
- Earn gold by last hitting
- Exciting multi levelled map
- Free to play


Hyper Universe is first and foremost a MOBA game, players must work together to try and destroy the enemy turrets in order to win a match by using their own skill, teamwork, waves of minions and jungle camps to gain bonuses. Instead of traveling between different lanes like a traditional 3D MOBA instead players can switch between different platforms/levels moving between them with ladders and teleporters, trying to come up behind opponents and flank them. Each team has their own powerful turrets that will damage enemy minions and players, the objective is to destroy all the opponent team's turrets to claim victory.


There are over 20 characters currently in the game to choose from which cover a variety of key roles such as tank, bruiser, ranged dps, support and more. These 'Hypers' are a mix of unique characters as well as some reimagined versions of iconic characters through pop culture such as the 'Red Storm Ranger' (Red Power Ranger) who can actually summon his other coloured rangers to help him, a Bruce Lee character complete with nunchucks and awesome martial arts sound effects, a Samus Aran (Metroid protagonist) character with a powerful rifle, and many more. Each hero has three main abilities and a fourth Ultimate that they unlock upon reaching level six, players can also have an element of customization choosing set items prior to the battle that they can level up by acquiring gold from last hitting minions.


The map itself has seven different levels/platforms; starting out on the middle forth level players will find turrets on the upper fifth level and lower third, jungle camps on the upper sixth level and lower second, and then on the outer first and seventh levels players can find the boss camps. Player can transition between the maps through ladders and teleporters, keeping out of line of site on the minimap they are able to flank and gank their opponent.


As the game is a 2D title the combat feels more like a Street Fighter style beat-em-up or a crazy brawl like Smash Bros., players jumping all around the map unleashing their many abilities and ultimates in big team fights. The combat is extremely fast and explosive and with a health regen over time when out of combat it means players spend more time battling in the field than having to return to base as with other MOBA.


Currently Unknown

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