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League of Legends F2P

League of Legends is a free to play fast-paced MOBA that revolves around two teams of five players battling against one another in exciting PVP battles using a variety of different Champions, strategy and tactics in cooperative combats to defeat their opponent. Each Champion has a unique skill set and combat style. League of Legends is one of the biggest e-Sports games in the world with millions of players logging in daily to battle against each other.


- Over 100 Champions to choose from
- 4 different game modes
- Team based PvP combats
- Level up your champion during the battle and unlock new skills
- Competitive global eSports
- Free to play


League of Legends is a PVP focused MMO where players engage in exciting battles across a handful of maps, each team comprising of a number of different Champions who must fight past waves of enemy minions, sentry turrets and opposition players with the goal of destroying the enemy teams Nexus located in their base.

During battle players can earn XP from killing players, minions and destroying towers to level up their character and increase their abilities as well as earning gold to purchase items and armour from the shop. When the game is over players character level will reset to level 1, so for each game players must level up again and by the new gear. A players' account level, which can unlock extra features and characters is different to their in game character level.


There are over 100 different champions available in the game, with more added continuously to change up the tactics and strategy in a game.

Each champion falls into one of seven different roles (Tank, Assassin, Fighter,Support,Mage and Marksman), with some being hybrids between various roles, which determine how they are best utilised in battle and what they should focus on.


On each map there are one or more lanes available that are rolled is linking the two team bases together, victory is gained by pushing down these lanes and into the enemy base to destroy their Nexus. Flanking the lanes players will find the jungle, tree areas that provide cover to anyone entering them making them invisible on the overhead mini map and can be used to set up ambushes switch between lanes without being seen. Within the jungles players can also find NPC camps that they can destroy to gain bonuses and buffs in the battle.


These defensive towers can be extremely dangerous to any player or minion that comes within range of them, as with minions it turret will target other minions before it targets a player unless the player attacks and another player within range at which point it will switch targets automatically.

In addition waves of AI controlled NPC's spawn in each base and automatically travel down the lanes engaging any enemies that they come across. Minions will typically prefer to fight other minions over players and can be used to farm XP and gold as well as used to overcome the enemy turrets.

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