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Khan Wars F2P

Khan Wars is a real-time strategy, browsed based mmo where you can replay the history from 11 different nations. In Khan Wars you start with a small kingdom where a rich variety of buildings can be built. This will reflect on your economical and military power and will determine the development of your kingdom. Each one of the 15 buildings serves its unique function which escalates its effect when updated. While advancing in the game you have the opportunity to take over enemy castles and rule more than one kingdom at a time.

Key features

Play the history with one of the 11 unique nations. Complex real-time strategy with up to 16 battle and siege units along with 11 unique units, buildings, skills and many other game elements, which will entertain you, but may also sweat you a little, while you compete with the thousands of real players all over the world.

- Create your very own empire
- Put your name in history
- Conquer enemy territories

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