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Krosmaga from Ankama Games


Both the digital and physical version of Krosmaga is a combined board game meets card collecting game where players build up a deck of cards based around one of the eight core gods of the Krosmos, refining their strategy to suit their own playstyle and battling in PVP against other players. With a deck assembled players can call units onto the 5 lane battleboard with an aim to get them to the other side of the board where they can attack and destroy their opponent's Dofus, egg shaped treasures, the players must destroy two Dofus to win the game (not so easy as two of them are also undetectable fakes!).


The eight available gods in the game provide uniquely different cards and strategy that can only be called up by themselves; when choosing a God or Goddess players can use a starter deck of the base cards for that God, or acquire new cards through quests and purchased booster packs (using in-game currency or real world money) and create their own custom deck to suit their own strategic style. Some of the gods are:

Eniripsa – The goddess of Healing she is able to not only keep her units on the board longer with her various healing abilities, but also convert enemy creatures to her own side, further bolstering her army

Sacrier – The goddess of Sacrifice and Pain that draws her strength from other's suffering, her summons are willing to bleed to help her reach her goals and she is able to sacrifice some units to make others more powerful or have some units that will actively take damage for others

Sram – The god of Srams and Rogues, who captilizes on deaths on the battlefield to help summon forth more troops, able to place traps in the field and have his summons change position in the lanes, he is a deceptive and tricky character


There are a number of key mechanics in the game that are important to how the game functions as a whole:

Cards – Whether Spell cards or Summon cards these make up the bulk of a players deck and are drawn randomly from a players deck into their active hand, taking one new card each turn. Summon cards are units that are put onto the battlefield and have an attack value, movement value and health value; once they have their health at 0 from taking damage they are removed from the game board. Spells are instant actions that are activated when they are played, providing all manner of helpful abilities to the owner and hindering effects and actions to their opponent.

Movement – When a Summon is placed onto the board it will automatically move at the end of each turn down its chosen lane; players no longer have direct control of their summons and so must choose wisely which lane to put them in whether attacking or defending. When a Summon reaches an opponent or an opponent's Dofus they will attack it each turn until it or their opponent is destroyed.

Action Points – A resource that is used to play cards with each card having its own AP cost, starting with 1 Action Point on the first turn players will get an extra Action Point to spend each turn as well as replenishing all those spent in the previous turn. As the game continues for many turns players will have more AP each turn to play a lot more cards, or even more powerful cards with higher AP costs.



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