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Summoned from a piece of beautiful shoulder armour, your Holy Creature will help you travel through Asmara with speed and style. You can earn one as a quest reward, buy one from the merchant in town, or perhaps loot from defeated monsters. “Holy Creatures” are Karos’ mounts. they are an item that equips to your character and is displayed on your left shoulder.


A beautiful holy warrior armed with a sword and shield. As conduits of divine power, they use their divine aura to enhance their comrades’ combat prowess, or heal them through prayers. A Paladin can advance to a Defender and become an impregnable fortress by augmenting her own power, or can choose to become a Holy Knight and support her comrades in battle via the use of divine auras.

A warrior who wields either two-handed swords or spears with effortless skill.The Blader can take on several enemies at once using powerful area effect skills and can cripple them with stun attacks and knockbacks.Bladers who advance to the Swordsman class become dangerous two-handed killing machines while those who choose the Spearman class focus on ranged attacks using two-handed spears.

Female shadow magicians whose fortes are using curses that cause slow and painful deaths.They can strategically use curses to weaken their opponents, thereby making them an easier target for heavy damage with minimal effort. Upon reaching level 10, A Sorceress can advance to a Banshee whose specialty is weakening the enemy with curses, or a Spellbinder whose specialty is damaging over time.

They are known throughout the world as shrewd merchants and engineers, but are also greatly feared, as their masterfully crafted weapons allow them to win a fight from great distances.

Beautiful elemental women who have sworn to protect nature and the forests using their bows and arrows.They have range skills that attack enemies from a distance. Bowmistress who master the art of distraction advance to Archer while those who wish to maximize their ranged power advance to Ranger.

They learn how to evade incoming attacks and counter with a single but often fatal blow. They are fighting artists who strive for stylish combat. Upon reaching level 10, a Rogue who wants a decent repertoire of mortal strikes can advance to an Assassin while those who focus on evasion and charms have the option to advance to a Duelist.

Drawing power from nature, they can deal great damage to whoever stands in their way, instantaneously as well as over time. They are damage dealers who can change the course of battle with bursts of magic, often inflicting mortal damage to their enemies. Mystic can advance to a Mage, who focuses on neutralizing threats from a distance, or a Cleric, who can ensure the staying power and survivability of friends in combat.


All players of level 10 and above may kill and be killed by other players. At level 10, the PK button on your player interface becomes usable. When the PK button is on, you are able to target other players for combat; turning it off will ensure that you don’t accidentally enter combat when you don’t wish to (while hunting, for instance).

Player-killing in Karos Online is guided by a Moral Value system. If you kill players, your Moral Value Score (shown on your character bar) will decline.


A Fletta gem is compressed Fletta energy. In the world of Karos, the Fletta Gems are used in many different items. By bringing Fletta Gem Shards and other materials to certain town NPCs, players can create powerful Fletta Gem armours and weapons. Fletta points automatically accumulate in the course of fighting monsters.


The dominant race on Asmara. Although physically inferior to other races, they are the dominant race on Asmara because of their superior affinity and diplomacy, along with an unmatched breeding speed. They have red skin and an average constitution. They are a less creative race than the Vaneeses, but boast excellent adaptability. Their cultures and languages are very diverse.

A race hailing from the eastern Asmaran Empire. They are people with a highly unique culture who live in the outer regions of the continent. Although their relationship with the humans was a hostile one in the past, some tribes recently have turned friendly toward the Asmarans as a result of the reconciliation efforts of the Empire. They have blue skin and fine figures. They are a proud people whose blood carries a unique magical power from generation to generation.

A beautiful half-elemental race that has interacted with Humans on Asmara for centuries, the Seroines can command the powerful forces of Nature so a force to be reckoned with. However, they are essentially innocent and peace-loving, and prefer to avoid war and conflict with others whenever possible.


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