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Kingdom Heroes takes you back in time to the Three Kingdoms Period of ancient China, the Kingdom of Wei led by Cao Cao, the Kingdom of Shu led by Liu Bei and the Kingdom of Wu led by Sun Jian. Once your military training is complete, you choose which faction you will represent and honour. Cao Cao is a swift fighter who conjures powerful military strategies, Sun Jian is angry, powerful and often reckless and Liu Bei is tough and a penchant for retaliation.

Take on your enemies in kingdom-wide battles, on land and across the seas, in both PvP and PvE scenarios. Take over entire cities in Kingdom Heroes, manage the economy, collect business taxes and produce valuable resources. Once your guild has claimed a city, start to build new structures to protect it from enemy attacks. Use powerful siege weaponry including the catapult, battering ram or ballistae. Progress your army from basic Conscript soldiers to the Elite Battle Eagle soldiers through training and experience.


The warrior, the fencer, the tactician and the conjurer. As you create your character, distribute ability points, decide on character build, gender, as well as hair colour, skin colour, face shape and even voice. There are over 180,000 different combinations possible. Relentlessly put your soldiers to the test and ensure they are fully trained and prepared for battle – the armies in Kingdom Heroes are also highly customisable.

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