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This Fantasy MMO RPG features an epic storyline, an action packed gameplay, a lot of character customization and skill based battles, where the players embody the Savior of a world that is on the verge of destruction. Players have at their disposal three different classes with which they'll fight the forces of evil, but they'll doesn't go alone on their journey as they ally themselves with powerful and benevolent goddesses, which will help them to find powerful magical items and build up their skills to become the Chosen One. Kingdom Rift is a free-to-play MMOG that can be accessed from various web browsers after a simple registration process.


- Three unique classes
- Recruit goddess and make them more powerful
- Multi-level dungeons
- PvP arenas
- Free to play game with micro-transaction and subscription options
- Browser game


After hundreds of years of peace, the forces of evil are preparing to invade the mortal world and plunge it into chaos. As a hero of the light you have been tasked with bringing an end to this shadowy incursion and, accompanied by benevolent good Goddesses, you are the last force that stands in the way of complete annihilation.


Kingdom Rift is a classic Asian MMORPG, focused on improving your character with equipment, accessories and mounts that you get in your adventures, and recruit goddess who join you in combat. As players gain experience and climb level they'll unlock contents, features and new areas.


There are three classes available in the game:

Warrior - A powerful melee combatant with almost impenetrable defenses, which is capable of charging into their enemies and butcher them using an enormous Greatsword.

Hunter - Focused on the use of the bow and the arrow, the Hunter is blessed with a wide variety of skills that allow him to leave unscathed for almost any situation, emphasizing his skill to destroy their enemies from afar, until they can even approach him.

Warlock - This powerful sorcerer has the ability to freeze enemies and perform deadly curses. Though his defense is fragile, their skills are so powerful that it can sweep their opponents.

As players progress they will unlock new skills for their chosen class, each of which can be further improved using Skill Points that can enhance the unlock skills to make them more powerful.

In the game you can get a wide variety of items that will improve a player's stats and abilities; they can also improve the quality of these items spending silver, however the more you enhance a piece of gear the probability of success dramatically decreases. Players can also glorify his gear to turn their rare items into Epic items.

You can cultivate mounts using silver and Energy crystals, making them progress through five different degrees: Feral, Noble, Charmed, Valerius and Deus; each mount can gain 15 levels, and you can evolve them to unlock new mount skills.


Throughout their adventure players will come in contact with various Goddesses, benevolent beings looking to help restore the balance to the world and, providing the player has the Silver and unique resources required to unlock these deity they will assist a player as a companion and fight alongside them in battle.

When a goddess joins forces with you, you can make them more powerful giving them artifacts of great power. Each type of artifact is unique for each goddess, and significantly increases their attributes. There are seven types of deities: Mystic, Celestial, Fey, Primeval, Divinity, Highqueen and Skyqueen which players can level up and give them more powerful skills and attributes.

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