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The mighty quest for epic loot F2P

It's an action rpg loaded with humour and with cartoon-style graphics in which you can play against other player's castleswhere you can get loot while at the same time making sure your castle keep your enemies from getting yours.
You could say the game has two parts, the attack, in which you take your hero to other castles, both player and AI controlled, try to get to the treasure room before you run out of time; and the defence, in which you build your castle as you like and set up traps and monsters to keep your enemies away from the treasure room.

• You can pick different classes
• Fast and easy action combat
• Shape your own castle room by room
• Set up dangerous traps and monsters to defend it
• Wide array of options to choose from
• Compete in leaderboards, friends, country, global, and more

Players can build their very own castle by picking premade portions of the map and putting them together, the higher the level the bigger the castle can be, they can also pick monsters and traps to put on the map that will hold back enemies or simply kill them.

Since the shop brings a huge amount of options, like rooms and corridors with different sizes and shapes, or monsters with customizable skills, each castle is very different that the next one, each time your castle is attacked it gains levels and rewards, so you can further improve it.

Another cool mechanic is the possibility to watch replays, so if anybody makes his way through you can see what has failed and change it.

You can go and raid your neighbours' castles while they try to break into yours, which leads to a “I steal from you and you from me” mechanic that is super fun and competitive, you can even type messages when you successfully get another player's treasure to spice things up.

Your hero also gains levels as you raid castles, it will become powerful over time but the castles will match its level so it's always a competitive experience. Try getting to the top of your friends leaderboard, or maybe number 1 in your country?

The Knight - Sir Edrick Pain Hammer is a celebrity that loves getting stuff from others
The Archer - Bowgart was the leader of a thievery organization and now has taken robbery to a brand new level
The Mage – Inventor and destructor of minions can easily make its way through any tough situation.
The Runaway – A curious character, left behind relaxed and wealthy life for action-packed one, using her musical axe will try to get more wealth.

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