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Kingdom Under Fire 2 is the free to play RTS that mixes many MMORPG elements with RTS gameplay to create a new genre of game. In Kingdom Under Fire 2 players will lead their own army of troops in battle as well as having to control their own hero and lead him into battle.


Choose from three different factions
Choose from a number of classes
Create and customise your own hero
Recruit an army and lead them into battle
Fight with your hero against thousands of enemies
Fight against other other Guilds in a war to control the continent


The three primary factions fighting for survive and control of Bursia are:

Human Alliance - An old alliance formed of the Humans, Dwarves and High elves, was first formed during the First War of Heroes battling the Lich Khiliani. During the years of peace that followed the Humans grew ever more prosperous and now stand as the leading race in this alliance, commanding the most powerful troops and hiring the Dwarves as mechanics, researchers and engineers and recruiting the Elves as mercenaries.

Dark Legion - This ragtag Alliance made up of the Orcs, Dark Elves, Undead and Half Vampire. This faction was originally united by the legend Regnier who gained immortality from an ancient artefact. Even after Regnier's death his legacy lives on and the faction remains, continuing their blood feud and war against the other factions of Bursia.

Exile - A strange and alien people from another dimension, escaping the Dark Age where they were under the rule of the deity Encablossa, they now seek to carve out their own life and reclaim the land that they once ruled in another age.


Players can customise their characters with a lot of customisation options, they can change everything from skin, facial features, hair, scars and eye colour and as well as customize their own armor, weapons and other accessories.


Three of the available classes available in the game, are:

The Spellsword - This class uses both swords and sorcery to dominate their enemies with both their proficiency with a blade and their arcane skill.

The Gunslinger - The Gunslinger is equipped with a full plate armor which give them solid defences, a modified rifle, and is able to destroy their opponents from a distance and finish them off up close with a traditional sword

The Berserker - These heavy armoured fighters charge into battle with huge bastard sword and a powerful gauntlet, and harness their own inner rage to deal powerful and terrifying damage to their enemies.


The game has two main styles of combat; heroic combat where players control their own hero character during the fights where they can fight off thousands of enemies using powerful heroic moves to personally dominate the battlefield. Alternatively players can act as a general that commands their troops and fight out the battles in an RTS style top-down conflict; players are able to recruits their own troops into their army, customise formations, and decide which types they wish to lead.


Players are able to join Guilds and fight in Guild versus Guild battles to not only prove that they are the best Guild but also gain materials that allow them to train unique troops and construct unique items, as well as occupying their own territories. Fight in larger scale epic battles in the Faction War where multiple Guilds go head-to-head in huge bloody battles.

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