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Landmark F2P

Landmark is finnaly launched P2P game not free to play construction based MMO in which players can explore a vast world filled with different resources with which we can build all sorts of buildings, dungeons, monuments and underground networks. The game features the Player Studio of Sony Online Entertainment and is very attached to EverQuest Next.


Explore a huge world with lots of different environments
Get your own plot of land
Discover and collect resources
Build all sorts of buildings using powerful tools
The best creations will be transferred to EverQuest Next
Create your own items using the Player Studio
Completely free to play game


Landmark is an open sandbox MMO in which you can explore and build what you want; the game is currently under development and is receiving new features and game systems constantly. Players can explore the game world, accumulate resources and use them to build whatever they can imagine.


The Landmark world allows players to explore huge deserts, mountains, valleys, jungles and forests in which can claim areas in which you can build. In the game you can cut down trees, dug mines, and change the game world permanently. Use tools like pickaxes to dig holes and underground galleries, or climbing tools to scale impassable peaks.


When a player has found an ideal location they can claim a piece of land as their own, a huge vertical cuboid in which we can do whatever we want using powerful tools. Depending on where it is ground, they can dig more into the soil to build underground complexes or make impressive buildings in the middle of the air. Players can build whatever they want on their land, but they are not able to lay Claims within a certain vicinity of another players'.


In the game there are a variety of resources: wood, stone, clay, minerals and many more. Each of these materials can become ingots and planks. To gain access to higher level resources we have to create more powerful tools, which will need specific resources/ingredients to be able to be built.


In our claim area we can build anything we can imagine, from buildings with several floors of all kinds of materials to caves and oasis using the materials of these environments. We can also use various tools to modify the size of the blocks and things that you make. In short the only limit when building is our imagination.


One of the most notable features of Landmark is that the more imaginative and popular constructions will be imported into EverQuest Next, where they'll become permanent areas that players can explore at will.


Ideal for this MMO that will primarily draw creative builder types, players are able to design and create various items using Player Studio (an SOE feature linked to many games) that can see players' creations imported into the game and the creator can actually make money from them when they appear on the market.

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