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Conflict of Nations F2P

Conflict of Nations : Modern War

GAME STYLE: Free to play War Strategy
DEVELOPED BY: Bytro Labs & Dorado Games


Set in the modern day, Conflict of Nations is a global war simulator where players control a current world nation and compete against other real world players and AI controlled countries in an escalating world war where they must battle for territory and control. Free to play and available through web browsers, the game offers all manner of strategy ranging from direct conflict and battles with large military forces, establishing diplomacy and friendly relationships and Alliances, and espionage to bring the downfall of an opponent using subterfuge.


- Dozens of real world nations to control and battle against
- True to life representation of the world with hundreds of territories
- Establish friends, allies and enemies
- Persistent world that continues if you log off
- Attainable victory conditions to win the game
- Manage cities, population, resources and time
- Construct buildings, train a military, research technologies
- Conduct espionage missions with spies against rivals
- 100% F2P
- Browser game


At its core Conflict of Nations is a war strategy that allows players to lead their own real world nation into the onset of a new World War, responsible for managing their cities, accruing resources, developing research, developing infrastructure and raising an army capable of not only defending their territory but claiming new ones as they battle against real world players.

The primary objective is for players to take control of the hundreds of cities that exist on the world map, under the control of AI or players, which in turn grant Victory Points based on the importance/prestige/usefulness of the city, the higher quality the city the more Victory Points it is worth. The game's Victory Conditions give all players a target number of Victory Points that they must earn to win the game, the first player or Alliance of players to reach that total are the victors and the game is then reset with rewards granted to the winners.


As there are hundreds of things going on at any one time in the game it is impossible to track them all alone, with the use of the CQN Channel the game gives a news page that will highlight all the major events that have happened in the game each day. The news can be divided up into different categories allowing players to quickly monitor the global political situation with who has declared war or made alliances, news on trades, attacks and the hostile takeover of cities as the war engulfs the world. From the CQN channel players are also able to see the game's current Victory Point standing and which opponents pose the biggest threat to their own chances of winning.


The key areas of research allow players to unlock new technologies to construct more powerful units, broken down into different branching trees such as infantry-class units, armor units, plane units and more, the research tree allows players to gear their army towards their personal needs and long term strategy. With a variety of units players can make attacks on other players' forces, whether out in the field occupying territory, or defending cities, once an attack is initiated the units will march to their location to try and engage the enemy. The forces composition based off the types of units being used, the strength of those units, their personal morale and even the type of terrain they are fighting in all factor into who is likely to win the engagement.


War isn't the only answer, though it is unavoidable and players will be forced to defend themselves even if they are not themselves necessarily aggressive. The game also opens up real diplomacy options where players can talk with each other to try and physical form trade deals, negotiations and potential alliances with other players; what you bring to the table and your own personal diplomacy will yield real results in the game. For those players who like to be more subtle with their machinations then they can employ the use of spies to gather intel on opponents, their dealings, army strength, how developed their cities are and even take actions to disrupt their infrastructure in various ways.


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