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League of angels F2P

League of angels is a free multiplayer roleplaying game that runs on a browser. Players embody the chosen one, which is fated to face the Dark Lord in order to destroy his reign of fear and terror, along their way they will be meeting and recruiting angels to their side and will help them in their final battle.


- MMO game with a fantasy theme and a bit of real world lore
- Focus on prepare to combat and let the Automated mechanics play your hero
- Rescue and gather up angles to fight at your side.
- Two classes to play: Mage and Warrior
- Group content in shape of Dungeons
- Play on your browser for free

The game has a casual feel to it since the combat is completely automated, you only have to worry about gearing up your hero, gather angels and progress through the storyline while levelling up,.

So after each combat the players are given a detailed report with the outcome and the rewards, items, XP, and more. They also get the chance to get an extra price by picking a card out of four.
em used to level up your Angels.

They are the sidekicks of your hero, can gain them by rescuing them or as rewards and you pick one of them to go with you on your jouerny at a given time. They get involved and affect the battle itself by using their powerful attacks and grant benefits to your hero.

Angels will also progress and will eventually become better by gaining XP and levels. You can also use astral tears to boost their abilities or to get Aegis system, which is basicly a piece of gear that improves overall performance of the angel.

Players get rewards whatever they do in the game, it can be gold, XP and gear, all of them can be used to improve your hero or angels and help them achieve greater goals. They can also get random prices every time they complete a quest or specific type of content.

There is a subscription option that will gran players several benefits which regular players don't have, cooldowns removed, free in-game services and access to exclusive features are just some of them.

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