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HeroWarz F2P

GAME STYLE: Free to play Action MMO RPG


Hero Wars is a free to play action RPG with strong story driven content, the game focuses mostly on PVE battles in instanced based areas where players can fight solo or in groups taking on quests for NPCs and being rewarded with XP to level up and unlock more content. Players take the role as the main protagonist trying to find a girl named Maya locked away in her dreams, whose power is able to influence the world itself.


- Seven characters to play
- Skill customization
- Earn gear and Sidekick companions
- PVE Instances
- PVP MOBA battles
- Fast adrenaline pumping combat
- 100% F2P


In the year 2016 our world changed as we know it, a cataclysmic tidal wave consumed the world and washed civilization all but away forever, we were not defeated, humankind survived and they rebuilt. Special “Historians” looking back over that time came to learn that the wave was created by a man named Ibrahim, but not through any conscious act, but by an unsuspecting dream where his own dream willed it into reality. Now in the new world we face that threat again, a young girl known as Maya lays locked in her own dreams and it is only a matter of time before we face another cataclysm.


The core of the gameplay focuses on action based combat with players using different characters with their own unique playstyles and dozens of abilities, each of which can be customized to change up how they fight as to the player's personal preference. The primary focus is PVE content to push on the main storyline as players are the protagonists who will save the world, but also a means to gain XP and level up, unlock new features, acquire new gear and more.


The game currently offers 7 characters to play in the North American version, with more available in the Asian version, and so players can expect to see more characters implemented over time. Every character is unique, has their own background and story, and whilst they cannot be customized appearance wise they can have their abilities tweaked as they level up.

Some available characters are:

Ara – Princess of the blue corals and the Emerald Caribbean, she has been told by the messenger god Hermes that her kingdom may be wiped out, so her journey begins even at only nine years old, in battle she takes a water gun and some powerful allies

Audrey – A bad childhood has made this women cold and ruthless, her time as a soldier has made her a trained killer, combined she is one of the strongest heroes summoned to help mankind, using explosives, rocket launchers and machineguns to fight her foes


The main PVE content is accessible through instanced level stages, players will progress through as they complete quests in order and are sent there by the stories' NPCs, how well players perform in each stage will give them a variety of rewards to help them improve. Players can choose to fight the PVE instanced combat on their own by joining the Private Channels, otherwise in Public Channels they are instantly grouped with players looking to complete the same content. With hundreds of enemies to kill, powerful sub-bosses and unique stage bosses with their own unique attacks and combat mechanics, the battles are fast and fun. The more players in an instance the more difficulty the AI will be, making a great challenge to counterbalance the larger group, but in turn players earn greater prizes.


Players can engage in PVP through a 3 lane team based MOBA game mode, whilst not yet available in the NA release, when it arrives players can battle against each other in traditional MOBA combat. In the games players fight to push their own allied waves down the three lanes towards the enemies vault, trying to destroy the opposing team's minions, turrets and defending players. MOBA PVP is a competitive game mode and also allows players to earn more rewards.


Operating System: Windows XP
Hard Drive Space: GB
Sound: DirectX Compatible
DirectX: 9.0c

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