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Let's farm is a management game that runs on a browser where players will construct and manage their farm, plant and gather your own products to then sell them on the market. The game is available in several languages across different regions and also runs on Facebook.

- Build and manage your own farm
- Grow crops and manufacture all the resources
- Unlock items and buildings as you progress
- Daily challenges and tasks to gain extra rewards
- Play on the browser
- Completely free to play

Players earn gold coins while playing, from completing tasks to selling items on the market this is the main currency for buying and selling. Players will also be able to gain access to diamonds, which are premium currency items that are available for purchase using real-world currency and used in game to buy unique items and other boosters that will improve your farm.

Players will continuously be given tasks and quests to complete, though these are optional but they give players goals to pursue which is always entertaining.

Players will gain XP over time and eventually new levels which gives access to new items, seeds, buildings, and unlock more land to build on it. Players also gain a small amount of diamonds that can be used to purchase unique items or speed up production.

players are able to take their produce to market to sell it and earned coins, with hundreds of different items available to choose from players can purchase all manner of buildings, seeds and livestock to make the type of file they want to, including decorative items to make the farm look nicer. Players are able to buy fertiliser using diamonds which will help boost the speed of your crop produce.

The game starts with a small portion of land and basic buildings on it, players must grow it to a big thriving farm that sells tons of products on the market, to achieve that they must build new structures, gather and manufacture the crops and more. The different buildings allow the player to create a new type of product, which can be used to improve the farm or to trade and sell. With fields players can create multiple types of produce depending on what seeds they use for planting.

Constructing a building and creating produce takes time to, which can be cut off by using diamonds, depending on the time goes the rarity, longer time means advanced buildings or rare products.

Players must be wise and place the buildings properly since they will run out of room until they get a new piece of land to build on.

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