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Damoria F2P

Damoria is a f2p browser-based strategy mmo game where you make a leap back in time and jump right into the Middle Ages. In the mystical world of Damoria you have the task of creating your own empire, to defend it and expand it as far as you can having in mind that thousands of other players strive for absolute power in Damoria – just like you. They will challenge you and maybe take you to the limits of your tactical skills.

Damoria is a classic build-up strategy game so you start out very small. Your economy is based on the raw materials that you exploit and use to promote your ascent. You must be careful not to let anyone destroy your economic base, or to deal too generously with your own resources. By trading with other players you will gain valuable resources, getting rid of spare materials.

At the beginning of the game you will have to do a lot of building since you need to protect your starting point on the map, after all. However, you'll feel drawn to the construction screen during the entire game.
Here you can upgrade your buildings by doing that you increase the productivity of your buildings - which of course costs resources in the beginning, but eventually pays off. You'll find a wide range of different buildings. Of course, your castle is especially important. But other buildings create advantages you need to expand your empire as well.

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