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L.A.W – Living After War is a truly unique Online Game, set on a dark, post-nuclear planet earth where classic MMO elements meet exciting real-time strategy (RTS) features for PvP (player-versus-player) gameplay. Through tactical usage and direct control of ground and airborne units players fight large scale battles over rare resources. These battles are not round-based, but are fought on persistent battlefields and are open to all players, all the time.

Solo players will find a huge, post-nuclear world filled with classic MMO gameplay such as extensive Skill Sets, instanced dungeons and epic action packed boss fights and adventures. You can also start your journey with your group of friends.

- A unique setting and rich background story that paint a dark and grim vision of the future.
- Post-nuclear Action-MMOG
- Two factions, three character classes – endless possibilities!
- Combine skills to create your own gameplay-style. With no fixed skill-trees, the multi-talented classes Warrior, Ghost and Esper are less restricted in their abilities and offer a wide range of individual set-ups.
- Take control of heavy tanks and swift helicopters! Claim resources, set up your base and do trade in the stock market.
- Action-packed real-time-strategy (RTS) battles in PvP!
- Annihilate your opponents and take over the post-nuclear battlefield.

The persistent PvP with RTS Real Time Strategy gameplay that require both tactic and strategy is what makes Living After War a truly unique Online Game though! you can take direct control over mighty tanks and swift helicopters, set up your base, fight over rare resources and conquer battlefields. Claim resources to enhance your base and call units right into the battle.

Add to that many more unique gameplay elements such as Item Production Mode, a persistent Minigame that lets you produce items useful on your quests; or the game's internal Stock Market you use to do trade and directly influence the game's economic system. Combine all this with the unique, post-nuclear Setting and you get LAW, a game that heralds the next generation of MMO games!

Choose which side you take and experience the complex Skill system to create your very own, unique character and gameplay! Your character in LAW can take the role of one out of three basic character classes. These resemble classes you may know from other MMOs. However, the development of these classes, called Warrior, Ghost and Esper, is different than in other MMOs. There are no fixed Skill trees, so by individually combining Skill Sets, characters are less restricted in the roles they take.

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