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Dragon's Wrath F2P

Dragon's Wrath is a free to play browser based side scrolling fantasy MMORPG where players must adventure through a magical realm fighting evil enemies in pursuit of a powerful Dragon. The game focuses on players building up their own hero, acquiring new companions and braving dangerous dungeons to fight challenging monsters.


Four different classes
Explore a unique fantasy realm
Level up your heroes and unlock powerful abilities
2-D brawler style combat
Huge selection of PVE content
Browser-based game


The realm of Heberyan is the last known home of the humans after Ferric, the Black Dragon, has crushed kingdom after kingdom across the world. And now Heberyan is under threat, as Ferric marches his army, including human slaves that are forced to serve him, upon them. In the last fight to defend humankind, the call has been put out for mercenaries that will help defend Heberyan against Ferric Dragon Knights in the final battle that will spell the future of humankind.


In the game players have to train their main hero, completing quests, tackling challenging PVE in the hopes of improving themselves with experience and gear to take on even greater challenges.

Using the WASD keys players will fight in a classic 2-D side view against their foes, firing off attacks in either ranged or melee combat.


The classes are defined by four typical characters, each with their own background, quest line and unique combat style accompanied by their own set of powerful skills and abilities:

Assassin - This agile and dextrous woman uses stealth and two razor-sharp blades, to move in and out of battle and kill her enemies with deadly precision.

Gunner - The Gunner uses his twin pistols to bring down his enemies, whether demon, dragon or human. No target is too big for him.

Mage - The Mage has a number of powerful arcane abilities at her disposal, from teleporting spells which allows her to move quickly across the battlefield to powerful area attacks that will devastate groups of enemies.

Saber - This class relies on his trusty great sword to anihilate his enemies with devastating combos. When battling against dragons his sword itself yearns for their blood.


In Dragon's Wrath there are a number of different activities that players can participate, from PvE, PvP and even raise pets, to earn gold, items and experience to further improve their heroes:

World Bosses - During a small timeframe each day a World Boss appears that players can challenge with their teammates where they must work cooperatively to try and destroy the Boss to earn rich rewards. The more damage that players deal to the boss the rarer the items are that the player can earn.

War of Glory - this is a PVP elimination tournament where players can fight against each other after being randomly divided up into different groups, fighting amongst each other and being eliminated when they are defeated as the winners progress to the next stage.

Castle Siege - here players for teams and battle trying to occupy a Castle, groups plunder one another and fight each other trying to take over a Castle where they can earn points and trophies.

Pet System - Players have the chance to acquire new pets in the shop; they can purchased using the premium Diamonds currency and can be accessed for free by waiting eight hours. Pets have a maximum of 10 ranks, the higher a pet's rank, the more bonuses and attributes it has and will directly affect the players own performance in battle. As well is this, it brings with it its own pet skills.

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