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Luvinia World is a free fantasy massive roleplaying game with cartoon-style graphics. Players will join a classic fantasy world where Humans, Elves, Orcs and Dwarves live among a wide array of fauna. Players will get into the quest of their lives trying to dominate the world, becoming heroes, killing their enemies and much more.

- 3 Classes
- Colorful environments
- Sharp anime-styled graphics
- Marriages
- In-game events
- Player-driven game changes
- Completely Free

The human is the only playable race in the game and has two factions made up of 3 nations each.

The Empire
Wind Kingdom Mentephy
Mainly a desert, its people knows that in order to keep shining forever, they must get stronger and stronger.
Moon Kingdom Roderue
This is a military based government, therefore they have the biggest army of all.
Sea Kingdom Borfielt
Since this Borfielt is a costal nation that holds an extremely powerful navy force. Its large merchant fleets set sail at the guardian of warships.

The Federation
Cloud Kingdom Snalter
The ocean around them brings wealth and democracy, therefore they have an easy life.
Sky Kingdom Malander
The people from Malander seeks freedom above all things, so there are no strict rules or politics in it.
Star Kingdom Pureaen
They have the best from Snalter and Malander, so they're a thriving nation of free people.

Warrior is the base class to then specialise as a Knight (Paladin or Dark Knight) or a Fighter (Swordsman or Berserker).
Rogue is the base class for Artist (Sword Dancer or Bard) or Scout (Watchman or Assassin).
Mystic is the base class for Warlock (Wizard or Necromancer) or Priests (Bishop and Sage).

The game features a Marriage system in which they can marry another character after hitting a specific level and if the other character is from the opposite sex, they will need then attire, rings and a venue reservation. They must get a wedding quest together to have the ceremony started where guests and gifts are in order. In the worst case scenario, there is also divorce that can be taken by just one side.

Another cool feature is the possibility to change the look of your character, put some make up on, change the hairstyle and much more to make it look more unique. The system is quite complex allowing players to apply products on their characters to really get what they really want.

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