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MU Rebirth F2P

MU Rebirth is a rewamp of the classic MU online, which has much more emphasis on the PvP aspect of the game, in addition to several improvements and upgrades over the original. In MU Rebirth players will level up faster, and can also enjoy the rebirth feature, which allows them to play infinite levels and play the game indefinitely.


- Classic game systems from MU Online
- 400 levels
- The Rebirth feature will allow you to start from scratch again and again
- Get items for free in the game shop
- Action combat Role Playing Game
- Completely free-to-play


The game is strongly focused on the PvP mechanics, such as castle sieges, PvP competitions, and leaderboards. Players who get to the top of the PvP rankings will get great rewards, which emphasize the competitive nature of the game.


There are 7 available characters in the game for players to choose from, each with their own unique abilities and skills that completely changes gameplay and how the player needs to utilise the character in combat.

Dark Lord - this terrible malevolent combatant is able to summon dark companions, from the Dark Horse that he can ride into battle or the Dark Raven that will act as his endless servitor

Magic Gladiator - Able to utilise both the sword and spells they are a combination of the Dark Wizard and the Dark Knight, making them a fearsome opponent to be confronted with

Dark Knight - dedicated to the sword they have perfected various techniques and can focus their own strengths and physical prowess into devastating area attacks with bolstered melee abilities as well as nearly impenetrable defensive skills

Rage Fighter - the remnants of the once powerful Kalutal Royal Knight, their primary attack is a powerful charge that gives them a physical advantage over their opponents and allows them to deal immense physical damage to their enemies

The Fairy Elf - skilled with magic and actually and able to combine the two making them a balanced offensive and defensive combatants, they have powerful arrow attacks as well as being blessed with the ability to buff and heal their allies

The Summoner - hailing from a preserved blood line that dates back to the ancient times they are able to manipulate and communicates with a distant world summoning up mysterious and magnificent monsters they are also able to harness their abilities to incapacitate and weaken their enemies


As players complete missions or kill enemies they'll level up, which makes them more powerful. When a player reaches level 400 he can rebirth, allowing him to start again from level 1, but keeping all their attributes and stats. This will allow the players become increasingly powerful, which is very useful for PvP, and also allows them to play PvE contents indefinitely. The leveling process is very quick, and it is possible to reach the maximum level within a few hours, which means that players will rebirth on a regular basis, which is all documented upon the game's leaderboard.


The PvP contents of the game are primarily open world PVP areas, like the Loren Canyon where players can attack each other freely, and loot their fallen enemies. Players can also participate in castle sieges, where players will battle in mass combat to conquer an enemy castle. Both solitary players as well as whole guilds can register themselves to play these events, which happen once a week, where they can get the greatest rewards in the game.


Players have the option of turning on various automated features for auto hunting, where they can step AFK as the computer grinds through the PvE content required to level up. Players can set what type of creatures they wish to attack, which items to pick up, at what stage to use various potions to heal hit points, etc. and other useful options so that players don't have to do grind the same mob over and over.

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