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Poney Vallee F2P

Poney vallee is a pet caring game where you take care of poneys, breed them, raise them and rain them, there are tons of cosmetic options in this regard and there are hunders of thousands of playrs enjoying the game already, it's a free game that runs no a browser so you can play from everywhere.

- Breed and raise your own ponies of 8 races
- Customize them picking from a wide array of options
- Manage a stable of your own
- Completely free

This is the core of the game, having a wide array of options to pick from when it comes to customize the ponies, there are different traits that help when breeding new and unique ponies, there are new traits and combinations added on a weekly basis so players will always have something new to discover.

Players can breed their very own ponies by breeding new ones selecting exotic and rare fathers, then they can give a name to the new born and more.

At the very start players must build their own barn where they're gonna store the ponnies, and breed new ones, they will have to feed them, and pet them choosing from a wide array of tasks, brushing hair, feed them, and more, everything is done by playing minigames so players have fun doing this minor tasks.

When the ponnies are well fed and taken care of they can breed new ones which players will have to raise and customize.

Players can interact with each other in several different ways, from the classic chat up to marriage, yes you have heard well, you can send gifts to friends and marriage requests! The community is very open and friendly thanks to these features.

The Ponies will progress and grow up like a the main character. They will do so by completing missions such as feeding your ponies, build new structures; by doing so they will get experience and coins to progress and spend on items.

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