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Oh my Dollz is a browser based mmo social game where the players can create and customize their female avatar. The game has a strong social component and the community it's mainly female people that can modify their doll in each part such as: hairs, eyes, skin color, nose etc.

The player can also change the clothes of his characters buying them in over 30 shops around the world. Players will also have also a personal house and they can modify it comlpeteley furnitures, appearance and so on.

The gameplay is simple and funny with colorful graphics. The characters can earn XP points and money doing some jobs inside the game such as babysitting or top model, players can choose from a variety of them, there are 41 levels and each levels players will earn a special rewards. There will be also an item shop where the players can buy a lot of items to further customize their house and their characters.

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