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Herokon online is based on The dark eye setting, which is a tabletop RPG, players are finally able to jump into the world of Aventuria and explore everything they only could imagine so far. The game runs on a browser and players can team up to play together and fight off evil.

- Rich and detailed world.
- 4 classes with different specializations each
- 3 races
- More than 500 quests
- Delve into dungeons
- High quality graphics
- Completely free

The Middenrealmian
Warrior – The common heavy armor users, they deal and stand a lot of damage.

Rogue - They excel in hit-and-run tactics, deal insane damage but are weak as tinfoil.

Healer - Although they are able to heal their comrades they can also deal some damage if necessary.

Mage – They can deal damage from the distance although they're not the best at standing damage.

The Elf
Fighter - They have a trade-off compared to human warriors, they have magic abilities while they can use light armor only.

Spellweaver – These are the best magic users ared and they focus on nature magic.

Keeper – Another healer class again specialized on nature skills.

Ranger - The ranged damage dealers of the elves are rangers.

The Dwarf
Mercenary – They are less oriented to tank and more to dealing damage but they're still pretty capable in close quarters.

Bounty Hunter – Physical damage dps that are able to attack from both melee and far away.

Physician – A very unique type of healer as it doesn't use magic per se.

Geode - Magicians boud to earth, they also suffer from metal surrounded bodies so they use cloth and leather to cast powerful spells.

All game content is completely free although players can get platinum, which is the premium currency and can use it to buy useful items and gear which are obtainable by playing as well.

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