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OurWorld is a cartoon style virtual world for browsers which is designed for kids and centred on minigames and social interaction. You can proceed to personalize your avatar with over 20,000 individual accessories, ensuring your avatar is unique. As you level up through the game you unlock more funky clothing and accessories to perfect your character's image. There are several areas where you can socialize including chic nightclubs, the chilled boardwalk, ambient cafés and more.

Play minigames to earn flow points and progress through the game and use cash in your earned flow points at the Bubbler or the Prize Wheel for clothing, accessories, coins or experience. Using the game coins, players are able to buy funky furniture or stylish clothing from the in-game mall. Browse the shops at the mall, or buy and sell various items at the auction house. Decorate your very own condo with over hundreds of unique furniture pieces to choose from. Put the furniture in your condo where you like, and come up with your own individual decorating theme – the freedom is yours. Tend to the critter garden outside your condo where you can raise cute animals and creatures. Sell these critters to other players as they hatch and earn additional coins.

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