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Lego Minifigures Online is a highly anticipated MMO RPG of the LEGO franchise, colourful worlds full of creativity and possibilities, where players can explore, defeat monsters and build things. Play with your friends in this online persistent world which can be accessed from iOS, PC and Android.

- LEGO franchise worlds to explore
- Main storyline
- Over 100 collectible mini figures with unique skills
- Interactive and destructible environments LEGO style
- Play online with players from all around the globe
- PvP battles
This is one of the key features of the game, finding and collecting minifigures, but that's not all, they will have to play with them in order to unlock their special skills. Chicken suit guy, the judge, roller derby girl and many more are awaiting in the game. There are special minifigures granted for collectors and other special deals.

Players have to play with each minifigure to unlock their special powers which are unique to each one of them and usually reflect the theme and character of them, DJs beat enemies by throwing musical notes at them, and so on.

The game is divided in worlds, with completely different themes, quests, stories and enemies, there is a Martian world for instance, where players get to be galactic heroes. Sometimes they will get into the shoes of pirates or knights in a medieval world, or even find yourself following Zeus orders in a mythological world, you never know!

Each of these worlds has a unique storyline players can follow, quests to complete, world bosses to kill, and much more. Switching theme every time they get to a new world keep the game fresh and different and makes it easy to deploy new content.With an epic storyline players will take on exciting quests, searching for treasure in the pirate world and hunting down Crikey the Kraken, rescuing a kidnapped King in mediaeval world as you battle against ferocious dragons and even taking on a quest from the mighty God Zeus in the games mythology world.

The game has the iconic LEGO features, build and destroy everything around you, by doing so they gain access to hidden areas, certain items or mini figures and new functionalities. For instance they can build a turret to help them fight a boss, or destroy a bridge where enemies are coming from. Gather stars to improve your minifigures, training their skills and making them powerful.

Play alone or with friends in cooperative PvE gameplay or PvP arenas where players can fight each other to demonstrate who is the best. The game has several different types of content for all types of players.

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