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Paladins F2P


MOBA free shooter


Windows and consoles




In the Paladins we will fight in exciting 6v6 battles embodying powerful champions with their own skills and playstyles. Although Paladins is a traditional shooter has unique elements of a MOBA, in addition to a unique skill advancement system which adds new dynamics to the game.


Several different champions
Different game modes and maps
Customize your champions with decks
Great graphics
Action shooter
Completely free-to-play


The game revolves around a main mode that takes place in the Temple Ruins map, where players will have to destroy the enemy defenses to access to their fortress vault. This makes that players have to defend and attack at the same time, and although the map is huge, the players of each team will stick together to complete objectives.

To gain access to the enemy vault easier, players can invoke a mobile Siege Engine that will move slowly toward the base enemy, so players will have to escort it to ensure that it can reach its destination. To invoke these cannons players will need to capture one of the two control points (although you can only have an active canon at the same time).

These control points are located in two different locations, a village full of narrow streets and houses with different heights and an empty valley area in a slight bowl without covers. By standing on the points a teams' control gauge increases, when it reaches 100% then the Siege Engine spawns and the control point shuts down.


The game features a wide variety of champions, with more to be added on a regular basis; each champion has three unique skills, including an ability that gives them more mobility for a short period of time. Each character has a mount allowing that allow them to move quickly through the huge maps. Some of the characters are:

Ruckus – Boltanas, an ancient elven king decided that upon his death he would bind his soul to his sword T'lonmar to keep fighting against the hordes of goblins after dying. Unfortunately, one of these goblins, Ruckus, found the sword and melted it to build a robotic mech, where the elven king is now trapped. Ruckuses is capable of firing its dual machine guns or activate an emitter that activates a shield. Ruckus can also fly briefly to rain down destruction upon his enemies.

Fernando - This brave, sexy, gallant and daring Knight wants to be known all over the world for his courage. Equipped with a technologically advanced plate armor, a spear that is able to throw fireballs at his enemies and a shield that can create a force field that can protect his allies. He can also charge towards the battle, thus increasing their attack speed.

Cassie - Cassie is the daughter of the legendary Hunter Arturos, and is equipped with a hunting bow and its mechanical hawk, Zigs. Cassie can fire explosive arrows to damage and knock enemies back and use Zigs to explore the vicinity and mark the enemy champions. She can also perform a Dodge Roll to quickly move out of the way.

Pip - When the alchemists of the Iron Shrine combined the secrets of the liquid fire with technology they created a very powerful weapon; but as Pip lacked the ability to create that weapon, he simply stole it from the alchemists. Pip can throw explosive bottles to their enemies and drink elixirs that increase his attack speed or their movement speed for a short period of time.

Wog - This blue orc was ridiculed was ridiculed when after leaving his tribe he returned ensuring that he was Prophet of Vex, the god of lightnings; when the members of his tribe humiliated him he electrocuted everyone with his Chain Lightning attack. As well as bringing destruction Wog can summon a Healing Totem to heal himself or use his Surge ability to launch himself up into the air.


The game features a unique customization system: the Skill Card deck, a mix between a Trading Card Game and MOBA in game levelling. This system allows players to collect cards to build up their own personalized deck prior to jumping into battle. Throughout the game champions will level up, 5 times in total, and each time they level up they have to choice one of three randomly drawn cards: A Weapon Card, an Armor Card and an Ability Card,.

Each card gives a buff when chosen, but the strength of the buff depends upon which level the card was selected; for example a card may increase attack power by 10%/20%/30%/40%/50%, meaning if it is randomly drawn when a player levels up the first time and then chosen from the three cards they will only get the 10% bonus, if however they select it when it is drawn for the fifth level up they will gain the 50% bonus.



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