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Warlord saga is a colourful free MMO RPG set in the ancient China, where three factions fight among each other for control of the land. Character customisation and progression with a number features and events for players as they seek to become epic soldiers in the fight for the kingdom.

- Play as three different classes: warrior, strategist or archer
- take part in various events to earn great prizes
- choose from three different factions
- compete in the arena against other players in PVP
- completely free to play on the browser
- work up the ranking ladders to become the best

In the game players get to choose from a selection of classes and join up to one of the three factions, based on accurate historical information. The main premise in the game is improving your character, advancing their abilities and attaining new and more powerful items from the various game features.


Wei – known as Cao Wei, the state was founded in 220AD and its capital established at Luoyand. The principles of the clan were laid out by Cao Pi's father, Cao Cao.

Shu - known as Shu Han and founded 221AD who was a direct descendant to the original Han Dynasty imperial clan based in and around Yizhou and Jingzhou.

Wu – known as Sun Wu or Eastern Wu, upon the Yangtze River region, historically called Wu.

Strategist - using a longer sword and able to dish out large amounts of damage, there are offensive abilities make up for their lack of defences.

Warrior - carrying long spears, these trained warriors are proficient at protecting their allies and tanking in battle.

Archer - dextrous combatants and long ranged damage dealers, they can take out enemies from a distance and at great speed.

The game is free to play with a VIP card players can purchase with real-world money that gives them access to a variety of features and extra items or alternatively players can purchase individual items/features/upgrades as well. Some of the features in the game limits the amount of times players can access them the premium currency is typically spent to refresh these features.

Heroic Run - players learn about the lore and characters that make up the Three Kingdoms. By completing different quests players will discover the world's history and also receive valuable rewards.

Treasure Hunt – players are able to join nine hunts a day plus an extra opportunity for every two hours that the player has been in game.

Nanman's Assault - enter a dungeon lair to fight the big boss, accumulating gold each time you damage the boss, the amount of gold you get determined by how much damage you deal.

Arena – The arena opens at the same time each day from certain amount of time and players can gain rewards depending on their finishing position.

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