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Rage War is a multiplayer strategy game that runs on a browser and features a unique reverse tower defence mechanic and mixes it with the common city managing and researching you can find in many other games.

- Manage your empire
- Research new technologies
- Cross-platform
- Rich and dynamic world that evolves over time
- Full of quests and campaigns
- Play with your friends
- Frequent in-game events
- Completely free

There are two main game modes, attack and defence. The defence mode is the common tower defence you all know, plus some added skills to spice things up, still, the attack mode is brand new and allows the player to be the attacker and send troops to destroy enemy defences, this requires as much skills as defending since you have to send proper troops depending on enemy structures.

Players start with a settlement at the stone age and they must evolve it and grow it up to be competitive.

The most important thing to do in the game is investing in research to get new technology that will allow players to build new buildings and move to the next age. An important factor in the game's technology and discovery, by researching and unlocking new technologies players will enable more options, military units and building types that they are able to construct, each following a particular theme depending on the era that they have reached. Be sure to put time and effort into your research otherwise you will quickly fall behind the more advanced civilisations that are competing against you.

With new technologies the construction options increase and players get to build new and shiny buildings to create new units, research new technologies and get better benefits and income. Players can even build huge monuments to stand out from the rest.

Other ways of getting rich and progress in the game are diplomacy, where you forges allies and also enemies, and trading, where you exchange goods and get what you need to develop your settlement further. As you can see the game offers different ways of reaching the same goal.

They are storylines made up of quests that players can complete to get extra rewards, as well as being introduced to new NPC who will grant you more quests. So that is another way of progressing and having fun in the game without getting into politics, trading or conquering.

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