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Mech Mice F2P

Mech Mice a strategic turn-based game for kids from 10 y.o. which runs on the major browsers and combines a rich story with tactical combat both children and adults are challenged to create their own squad of Mech Mice and defend the world against the bad guys, there are interesting features such as skill management and digital action figures gathering.

- Turn-based strategy
- Adventure and Story mode
- Control a whole squad
- Single player available
- 10+ kids can play
- Browser game

The mice population is divided into two factions, which are fighting against eachother. Players get in the shoes of Mech Mice who just want to defend the shards from this madness. In order to achieve that, they will have to battle against the Dark union which just want the shards because of the knowledge they contain.

In story mode, players get their hands on premade squads.
In adventure mode, players can create their very own squad.

Gameplay and units
Squads can have up to five units at any given time. They all have unique skills, and level up individually by earning XP. The units don't die but only knocked out so they can be revived for the next level. There is a healing mechanic as well which is triggered by blue plants found throughout the levels, by special shards or by using medic units. Unit types are as follow

Commander - It plays the leader role, not as useful as other units.
Medic - It's a good unit to have since it will help the rest to recover health.
Heavy - It's the heaviest of them all, uses heavy weapons, they're slow as hell so be careful when moving them, because it may take ages to get to the destination.
Grunt - It's the basic unit, weak armor and average blaster weapon.
Bazooka Grunt - It primarily move the squad to some spots. It is possibly they get to drive large and armed attacking vehicle.
Shield Grunt - It carries a huge metal shield, as simple as that, protects other mice.
Recon - It's very sneaky and can go into stealth, shoot from far away with high accuracy.
Grenadier - It uses grenades, yeah, but this mouse can also use a grenade launcher.

The two types of shards in the game are as follow: Large shards can terraform the planet and make creatures evolve, small shards are completely different and use energy just to give characters extra abilities in the game.

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