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Red stone is a 2.5D fantasy online RPG which takes players into a deep and immersive storyline fighting off evil and delving into dungeons and other bad and dark places, there is a deep character progression in the shape of classes.

- Deep storyline
- Complex classes system

Squire/Warrior – they carry heavy weapons and deal huge amount of melee damage.

Archer/Lancer –they can deal damage from afar and from a distance in melee thanks to spears.

Thief/Monk – they stand out on dealing critical damage.

Princess/Little Witch – they excel in crowd control and debuff, very dangerous.

Priest/Fallen Angel – they have some support and healing skills granted by heaven.

Tamer/Summoner – they rely on pets and followers to fight for them.

Necromancer/Demon – they can raise dead and debuff enemies, also they deal with demons.

Magician/Werewolf – they deal magic damage from the distance and some of them are even able to transform into werewolfs.

Main Quest – this is the storyline that moves the game and lore forward and immerse the player into the story.

Title Quests – they grant players useful skils and benefits once completed.

General Quests – regular quests that can be done for rewards and experience.

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