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Asda Story F2P

Asda Story uses cute proportionally divided into 5 ways characters. Based on a colorful, bright, and cheerful world, it is an easy game where monsters with strong characteristics come out. It has a comfortable game easily. The game can even satisfy hardcore users who would like to use complicated key controls where unlimited item expansions are possible and lots of skill trees and casual users who would like to just click around the game to enjoy it.

Soul mates

The game has a Soul Mate system where two players can become Soul Mates. If one of the Soul Mates is offline, the other one can help to level up his soul mate’s character. Experience will be stored for the Soul Mate that is offline. Soul Mates also have access to special skills available only to them.


Main Memory : 512MB or above
CPU : Pentium3 1Ghz or above
above, ATI Radeon 9200 or above
Graphics Card : nVidia GeForce3 or
Video Memory : 64MB or above

Video Memory : 32MB or above
Main Memory : 256MB or above
CPU : Pentium3 1Ghz or above
Graphics Card : nVidia GeForce2 MX

Character progression

Characters start at level 1 with the generic job of “beginner”, which has no skills available to it. At level 5 players may choose a class of Warrior, Mage, or Archer by undertaking a quest from the appropriate NPC. Additionally, each class has a second and third job tier which they can advance to. Class changes are available at levels 5, 24, and 40. Experience gain is not stopped during those levels so it is possible to continue leveling up without taking the job change quest.

Achievement system (titles)

Characters may also obtain titles, which can be displayed above their names. Titles are obtained by participating or carrying out a diverse variety of in-game actions, from simply picking up everything they find to helping NPCs by completing quests to joining clans. Currently achieving a title only awards the player the ability to display it, but there are plans for certain titles to award other more tangible benefits, such as providing stat bonuses.

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