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Rising Cities is a free browser game of urban development simulation combining strategic management features with casual gameplay. In this game players take over the mayor's role of their very own city and are to create living space for citizens and building infrastructure and industry to allow its inhabitants to generate revenue and make the city become a cosmopolitan metropolis. Mayors collect rents and resources that will support city's growing, ensure sufficient energy supplies, produce goods, and trade them with other players.

- Wide array of buildings and upgrades
- Several decorative items
- Production of goods and the ability to trade in a dynamic market
- Needs & demand of residents and the city itself
- Residents will occupy the areas where they fit into (poor, rich and so on…)
- Weekly quests and seasonal events to keep players active
- No download required
- Completely free-to-play

There is a wide array of buildings and structures in the game, they can be classified as: residential buildings, commercial buildings, power plants, decoration, streets, and special.
All must be connected to roads in order to let the construction take place and for their production to go somewhere, they also require a building permit to be placed since there is a limited number of buildings a player can have.
Residential buildings hold the city's inhabitants and produce a regular income.
Manufacturing buildings can make materials needed to construct other buildings as well as goods for the commercial buildings.
Commercial buildings use goods to fulfil the needs of residents.
Power plants produce the energy required to run structures that consume energy such as manufacturing buildings.
Streets are required to enable the production chain flow letting resources and goods move to where they're needed.
Decorations increase the city's mood as they don't require materials nor energy.

Players have to decide what kind of resident they want to have in their cities and raise buildings accordinglyd. Each type of resident grants different currencies if the requirements of the buildings they inhabit are reached, but remember, while workers yield production points, capitalists yield city credits.

The main source of energy and the resident's mood influence the progress of your game and players can easily improve the mood by decorating their city. The better the mood the more people will move into the city's residential buildings leading to more rental income.
The higher the energy level the higher the production yield will be. Still players will have to keep the balance for power plants and productions dampen the mood.

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