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Angel's Wrath is a free online RPG that runs on a browser with a fantasy theme where players pick up one of the four available classes: dancer, berserker, archer or monk. In the game you can find features common across the MMO genre.

- Four classes.
- Mounts and pets
- Automated mechanics for easy going
- Runs on a browser
- Completely free

This is the key of all character development, players can, and will want to improve their character, there are several ways to do so, they can get new and better gear for them, they can upgrade their skills and lastly they can increase their battle level. It's the indicative of power, so when there is a big gap between opposing forces' battle level the balance will fall to one side with minor o no effects on the other.

Gear can be upgraded as well as mounts and pets and if you add gem socketing to the equation you can tweak each piece to a nice level customization, everything counts for the battle level. If it skyrockets players will even get a title to show off.

Archer – The class is capable of dealing damage on both melee combat and shooting from the distance, they're very swift and dodgy.

Dancer – It's a class which specializes in burst damage output and crowd control.

Monk – Versatile class which can control the masses and heal allies, very useful.

Berserker – Raw strength is their main gun, they can stand damage and deal even more, everytyhing in close quarters.

In the game, players can acquire pets and mounts through different ways, players can tweak them by phasing them which allows them to modify their stats to meet what they need, but it's not all buffs and happiness, players must take care of their pets and mounts, feeding them regularly, which will earn them experience and make them better.

Pets provide buffs and have unique skills to help players into the battle. There are Pet souls which once linked to the pets will make them more powerful.

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