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Roblox is a free MMO that can be played on a browser and people get to choose from a wide variety of minigames, players can also create their own by using the scripts, items, and other assets they will find there. They will be earning points when creating and sharing content with others to create some synergy.

- Create your own minigames and design their levels
- Create items, audio, graphics and sell them in the game store
- Play thousands of games from all different genres and themes
- Customise characters with clothing items, decals and more
- Free to play

Players can play the game for free but there are premium memberships that offer boosts and extra locations and assets to create games and content, they can also use the trade system which grants some extra information and advantages when looking for great deals.

There is a secondary currency players earn when logging daily and can be used to purchase stuff from the catalog.

Players can create and play games from a wide array of genres, shooters, sport games, classic rpg, futuristic and fantasy themed games, and much more. Some games are close to their copyrighted brothers such as Super Mario or battlefield.

The player has a profile where everything is logged, what they do, play, gather, buy, sell and so on, one of the key features of the game is the collecting factor, where players will be able to keep track of what they have and what they're missing.

There is also the cosmetic aspect of the game, dressing up the character and make it feel unique is a tough work that requires some collecting as well, maybe by trading or just buying what you like, but beware, some items are unique or limited to certain times or events.

Roblox is a mix of two types of games, first the builder where you can create your own levels or even games, and then the one where you pick from hundreds of games and play them through, enjoying each one of them which may give you a hint of what you want to do next.

The search engine is powerful due to the large amount of games and allows filtering and paging so players will find what they are looking for really quick.

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