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Waku is free turn-based massive online rpg which features a political system, living ecosystem which is player-driven, and a colourful world. Players pick from 15 classes and must battle monsters and discover the world and its famous characters.

- 15 unique classes
- Turn-based battles
- Deep political system
- Living ecosystem
- Set in the popular universe of World of Twelve.
- Free to play

Players can pick from a huge list of professions, all characters must learn Kama Minter at first, but then they can pick from herbalist, lumberjack, farmer, fisherman, miner and trapper as gathering professions or armourer, baker, AoE weapons master, chef, handyman, jeweller, close-combat weapons master, long-distance weapons master, leather dealer and tailor as crafting professions.
They give access to resources and money which can be earned by selling the resources or crafted items, and grant character tools to help the world like the herbalists for instance, they can replant seeds to repopulate areas.

The game is completely crowded with monsters of more than 700 types. They go from humanoid and animal-like mobs to completely unique ones, players can get resources from them, capture them to summon them as pets and much more.

Players can do this by engaging into combat, the view changes and they're taken into combat mode, which is based on 30-lasting turns, they can move the character, attack, use skills, and more.
But the best part is when fighting in a team of up to 6 players where strategy is at its best, dodging, locking enemies into squares and much more is doable.

All players must pick a nation at the very beginning. Once they're citizens they can vote and become a guard or soldier of that nation, having then the chance to become an important figure within politics.
The whole mechanic revolves around players therefore their involvement is essential, their loyalty to their nation is measured in citizenship points, which can be lost and earned by following or not the laws.

In this game, the whole nature is in player's hands, you can completely strip an area of trees by cutting them down or eradicate monsters from areas as well. Resources make an impac on their nation as well, they can even affect the weather, it's a very complex system which is understood once you get into it.

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