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Robocraft is a free to play strategic build and Battle shooter where players are responsible for constructing robotic weaponised vehicles and going up against other players in huge team-based battles. With a selection of weapons available and the ability to create both ground-based and flying robots the game offers a truly unique experience.


- A wide selection of blocks providing huge customisation options
- Two primary game modes
- Five unique maps
- Intelligent auto matching by robot tiers
- Competitive ranked gameplay
- Free to play MMO


Robocraft is broken down into two fundamental areas; the building component of the game is where players must create their own robots from a variety of blocks and using their own imagination, strategy and experience. All this is gained from the second area; Battle, in which players work together in team based combat, working towards a combat objective or simply trying to outright destroy the enemy.


Before every battle players must construct their very own robot in their garage bay, each player has three garage bays that they start with that can hold one robot each (however additional bays can be purchased using Galaxy Cash). There are five different categories of cubes that players can create a robot from:

Chassis Cubes - These basic building blocks will create the chassis/body of your robot vehicle and come in various forms from light blocks to armoured blocks

Movement Cubes - With everything from wheels, hover blades, thrusters, legs and caterpillar tracks there are a variety of options as to how your robot will manoeuvre around the battlefield

Hardware Cubes - The various weapons and gear that can be equipped to your robot including Plasma Launchers and Rail Cannons

Special Cubes - A variety of useful tools such as radar jammers, headlamps and alignment rectifiers that can help a robot when it falls down

Cosmetic Cubes - These cubes can only be purchased with Galaxy Cash and are four athletic purposes only offering such effects as emitting a vapour trail when moving, a country badge as well as other items acquired through promotions and events

There are also a variety of Jews that are available for a limited amount of time, particularly during holidays and feature new robots built with these limited cubes. The type of robot that a player makes is primarily determines its overall statistics:

CPU - Determined by the players level, the higher the CPU the more parts a robots can have allowing for more complex and larger creations to be taken into battle

Mass - Overall how heavy the individual robot is, this can affect stability, inertia and even the robot's ability to fly

Damage - The damage output that your creation is able to deal to other robots

Armor - How much damage a robot can take in battle is determined by their armour value

Robot Ranking - Calculated by all the cubes used and their type will give a value to the robot that determines which Tier it falls into, used to determine which other players robots it can be matched up 2 to create balanced battles'


There are two primary Game Modes available in the game: Capture the Base and Boss Battle (as well as a Practice Mode) and players will fight against each other in huge team-based fights:

Capture the Base is a classic game mode where both teams must race to the enemy capture point located in their respective bases, by having your own teams robots on a capture point the point will begin filling up and lock in a segment. The first team to lock in all four segments is declared winner, alternatively if one team has all its members destroyed they will also forfeit the game.

Boss Battle works slightly differently and here a single player puts forward their robot (which must be a Tier 8, 9 or 10 robot) forward as the big boss and all other players will enter the battlefield with the intent of destroying it.

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