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Tribes Ascend F2P


Free to play MMOFPS




Hi-Rez Studios


Tribes: Ascend is a f2p futuristic mmo shooter based on the classic franchise Tribes. It has been developed using the Unreal 3 engine and features a very fast-paced combat, acrobatic movement and stunning sci-fi visuals. Players will enjoy jet packs, skiing, vehicles, multiple classes and teamplay.


Six Game Modes

9 different classes

More than a dozen different maps

Unlock new weapons and weapon upgrades

Pilot the powerful Beowolf tank, the speedy two-person Grav Cycle, and the versatile flying Shrike.

Use the skiing feature and jetpacks in order to reach intense speeds



There are three primary classes in the game: Light Armor, Medium Armor and Heavy Armor, each of which are broken down into three further sub-classes that are able to fulfil different roles on a the battlefield with different perks, abilities and gear loadouts.

Light Armored classes are easier to take down and can only sustain a small amount of damage, but are much faster on their feet making them ideal for capturing the flag and keeping out of trouble, whereas Heavy are much slower but can take on far more damage so are better suited for defending key locations. The individual classes focus their individual roles even further, the Sentinel is a sniper who can be used offensively to pick off players, or defensively to defend a point from attackers, whereas the Technician is more of a traditionally defensive class and able to put down turrets or repair base assets.


The game focuses on PvP team based matchups with different team objectives. There are currently six game modes in Tribes Ascend including a classic Team Deatchmatch where dozens of players fight it out across a battlefield, each team has 125 lives shared between them and the first to lose them all are defeated or a five versus five battle in smaller Arena battles with 25 lives per team. There are numerous Capture the Flag games including a traditional game where both teams must try to capture the enemy flag and simultaneously bring it back to their own flag, a Blitz game where the enemy flag spawns in a new location each round, or Rabbit where there is a single flag and both teams must capture and keep hold of it earning points the longer they have it. Finally Capture and Hold is a typical point capture game where the teams must take and hold up to five locations to win the game.


The feature that makes the game more unique to other FPS, is the ability to use skis and jetpacks. Skis can be instantly activated by pushing spacebar which will make a player glide automatically helping them pick up speed when on a downward gradient, where they can keep moving and still turn around and shoot enemies that are pursuing them. This method of travel is extremely useful in capture flag games where players need to travel quickly, resulting in exciting evade and pursue games at breakneck speeds as bullets and explosions fly. Jetpacks can be used independently of skis and used to fly up and reach higher vantage points or flying bases.


OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4
HD Space: 10GB
Graphics Card: ATI/AMD or Nvidia with 256MB RAM and Shader Model 2.0 support
Sound Card: DirectX compatible

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