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Secret of Solstice F2P

Secret of the Solstice is a Free-to-play MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), which features a cute, anime-inspired visual style. Player characters, monsters, and non-player characters (NPCs) are represented as 2D sprites while environments and background elements are rendered in 3D.

Choose your class

All Secret of the Solstice players begin the game as a Xenian, a very basic class with very basic skills and abilities. After completing the in-game tutorial and getting to level 16, players can select a specialized class by joining one of the four job guilds – squire, apprentice, acolyte, and neophyte.

Acolytes are the generic ‘Priest / Paladin’ like class. They have powerful healing and supportive magic as well as decent melee skills. Like the Neophyte they also have two job promotion trees they can choose from. They can choose to become all out ‘healers’ or opt to become more melee oriented Holy Avengers.

Apprentices are the generic offensive spell casting class. They can deal massive damage with their spells, but are vulnerable in melee combat as they have low armor and health. Apprentices can become Mages at level 66, Wizards at level 96 and ArcMages at level 131.

Squires are the generic ‘warrior’ class. They have strong melee attacks and high defensive capabilities but have weaker skills than the rest. Squires can become Knights at level 66, Warriors at level 96 and Warlords at level 131.

Neophytes are the generic ‘Thief’ class. They have powerful attacks but tend to have low hit points and defense. Neophytes, unlike Squires and Apprentices have two job promotion trees they can choose from. They can become melee oriented Thieves or ranged Archers that come along with their own respective job promotions.

Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce MX or equivalent
OS: Windows XP / Vista
RAM: 256 MB Memory
CPU: 1.0 GhZ Pentium 4 or Equivalent AMD processor
HDD: 2.0 GB Free


is set in the fantasy kingdom of Xen. Here a great king, his queen, and his twin daughters Adeline and Marian once ruled the land in peace. As the twin princesses grew older, however, they grew increasingly different. Adeline, the heir to the throne, was loved by the people of Xen and grew strong and kind. Marian, jealous of her sister’s admirerers, grew bitter and envious.

On their eighteenth birthday, the king presented Adeline with the Solstice Sphere, an ancient and mysterious relic of great power. Marian became enraged with envy, and began a war to obtain the Solstice Sphere from her twin sister, dividing the land of Xen and devouring it in conflict.

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