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Eternal Saga is a massive multiplayer roleplaying game that runs on the browser and it's free. The game allow players to join their friends and explore new worlds, fight enemies, and build powerful skills combinations, they must stop the demons invasion which is currently under way, join up with friends to fight enemies, and build a unique and powerful set of skills as they save the game's world from a demon invasion which is underway.

- Daily Events
- Play it by yourself or with friends
- Pet & mount mechanics
- No client download
- Completely free

There are 3 factions to choose from: Umbra, Luma, Astra. Currently they serve no other purpose than allowing warring against the other 2 factions and players are limited to guild within their faction when they want to get into one.

They are strong and powerful and wield a sword and excel in melee combat and defence.
They stand out at ranged magic attacks. They use knowledge of the elements to get rid of their goes.
They use long-range weapons and prefer to keep distance thanks to several tricks they have in the bag.

Characters get into quests to gain experience and levels, other ways to progress with your toon is to kill monsters throughout the world or to meditate, to further improve characters, players can equip them with gear and weapons.

Pets are important in the game since they can take part in both pve and pvp combat. Well-fed pets will fight at the player's side, boosting their attributes and helping in the battle. Using specific skill books, pets can learn new skills but their base stats must be improved by upgrading pet's aptitude.
Players can even fuse two pets and will result in the look of the first pet and the best attributes of each.

Guild members have access to a guild shop where they can sell items to other members in exchange of contribution which can be spent to spin the wheel of fortune or shake the guild tree to get rewards. One of the best benefits though is the ability to learn guild skills to improve in battle.

The game has events running on a daily basis where players can take part to earn shinny titles among other rewards. In Star Shrine, one of these events, you battle cute and deadly stars to collect points and therefore receive the title of “Polaris”, in Great Convoy, you have to protect a convoy on its way, in the Demonhunt players have to kill demos in a dungeon to earn silver, wisdom and rare items.

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