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Shards of War F2P

This free-to-play MOBA boasts the most important elements of the genre and gives them their own touch, creating an exciting and action-packed game. The game moves away from fantastic MOBA stereotype, since it takes place in a futuristic dystopian world in which players embody Sentinels responsible for protecting their own dimensions.


10 unique characters
Futuristic theme
Control your Sentinel using the WASD keys
5v5 PvP battles
15-20 minute match times
Craft your own items
Create your Loadout and customize your Sentinel
Completely free-to-play


In a not-too-distant future an unstable technology has opened several portals that have brought together several parallel universes, known as Shards; these alternate worlds are other lands in which things are different (both for good and bad) and now a few fighters called Sentinels are moving between these worlds, some intending to close those portals and others intending to conquer these new worlds and leave behind the horrors that exist in their own dimensions. From the Prime Shard, a futuristic world where technology has reached unimaginable limits, the Lock Down Shard, in which most of the population has been locked in slums, to the Black Sun Shard, a dimension where the Sun is dying and the Earth is a post-apocalyptic place, all the shards are different.


Although many of the main features of the game are traditional in the MOBA genre, the game features several adaptations and improvements that create a quite different game. The objective of the game is the same as in most MOBAs, advance through several lanes protected with defensive towers, minions and other players with the aim of ending the rival team base. Unlike other MOBA the game primarily utilizes the WASD keys for character movement leading the mouse free for aiming and directing attacks and abilities.

Another difference is that games only last for 15 to 20 minutes. In addition players will be able to control the middle lane which will give them access to neutral drones (minions) and so offers up a second challenging objective for both teams during a match. In the game, teamwork is even more important than usual, because all the individual actions of the players benefit the entire team.


Players may initially choose 10 different characters called Sentinels (a number that will grow as the game go forward). Each Sentinel has their own skills and talents, and each Sentinel is oriented to a specific role, either farming drones, destroying towers or attacking other sentinels; the main classes are: tank, attack, support.

Blitz (attack) - A mobile and fast assassin who has the ability to reduce his cooldowns when a Sentinel he has damaged dies.

Rhino (tank) - a powerful melee fighter, that becomes more fierce and dangerous the lower his health becomes; he can also sacrifice health to become invulnerable.

Flatline (support) – this born survivor is able to use Stims and nanotechnology to heal their allies, and can activate an ability that heals all allies regardless of where they are on the map.


Players can customize to their sentinels with their own loadouts, items that they can add to its own arsenal. Before each battle, players can choose which items they take into combat, being able to choose between different types of loadouts; with such customization players can focus on different aspects such as utility, defense or attack and are able to adapt their strategies with the various items that they have brought with them.

Players can also craft their own items using the materials gained with the war chests that they receive at the end of each match, although they can also use these materials to improve items that they already have and make them more powerful.

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