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ShowUp F2P

ShowUp is a f2p online dancing game where players can create their characters and visit the virtual cityscape alongside thousands of other players, socialize, dress in the latest fashions and dance together.


Groove to popular songs in any of our many Dance Halls! We keep track of top music charts all over the world as well as feedback from our players to pick songs to be included.

Socialize and meet new people. Video-chat with fellow players face-to-face anywhere or in our dedicated video-chat dance halls. The Friend System will help you keep track of pals and beautiful strangers.

Dance by yourself, with a special someone, or with a group of friends in any one of the 30-player dance halls, each uniquely designed with themes like urban streets or rooftop dancing.

Choose from a contemporary real-life inspired wardrobe of dresses, shirts, bracelets, earrings, and more to dress your avatar up to be cool, sexy, smart, or goofy.


There are three modes of dance; Single (one person), Lovers (two people or Group (up to five people). For every completed dance you earn a Score; the better you dance, the higher your Score. Your Score is tallied like currency and can be exchanged for certain items in-game.


Dancing in ShowUp consists of pressing directional keys and then pressing the Space Bar at the appropriate time. You can also use special items and perform stunts during a dance by pressing the numerical key assigned to the wanted stunt. You can dance to the popular music being broadcast, or you can request songs and tag it with a dedication in any dance hall.


Cash Points is the virtual currency used in ShowUp to purchase virtual items in the game. PayPal can be used to buy Cash Points directly online. Through the digital store, you can buy stuff like different outfits to improve your character's appearance.


The community is helpful and welcoming, and also actively participates in keeping ShowUp fun and safe for all users. the ShowUp Team is committed to providing the best platform for te community; they have a dedicated community section that tracks dance guilds, top players and archives fan-made work. In-game events like dance guild battles and popularity polls are held on a daily basis.

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