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Lost Sector Online F2P

Lost Sector GAME STYLE: Free to play Turn Based Strategy
DEVELOPED BY: Lost Sector Technologies


A free to play strategy game Lost Sector Online is an urban tactical MMO where players control a mercenary for hire trying to clear up the streets of their city that have fallen into the hands of many criminal factions. With turn based combat, high levels of character customization, multiple map areas, clan wars, PVP battles and more the game is a feature packed 3D title.


- Create and equip your mercenary
- Battle through various detailed urban maps
- Play solo campaign or co-op with friends
- Multiple PVP options
- Fantastic 3D graphics
- 100% F2P


Lost Sector Online provides a challenging, strategic, squad based MMO where players go up against challenging AI or real world players in squad focused battles. Players are able to arm themselves with a variety of armors, gear and weapons that will determine their abilities and how to fight in combat. Utilizing covers, line of site and height advantage the maps are urban zones that are intricately designed providing a lot of detail and mechanical aspects to the game.

The primary mechanic of the game is the Action Point system which gives players a set number of points per turn, on their turn they can maneuver around the map, interact with objects such as picking up loot, climb ladders, crouch for cover and attack, with every action costing a set number of AP. Players can perform the same action multiple times, such as making an attack, providing they have enough AP, but they must be conscious about saving enough points to be able to move into cover if they fear a group of enemies may catch them out in the open.


The game is set in the year 2035 at the end of a war that had seen many able bodied women and men sign up and fight for their nation; the war over our ex-soldier returns back to their home city of Broxton only to find it overrun with thugs and other criminal factions. Meeting up with an old commander you are taken on as a mercenary for hire helping to clean up the streets and ultimately take back your city.


There are a lot of options when it comes to customizing your character, earning cash from completing missions you can purchase a variety of items such as boosters, healing injections, grenades and more, as well as different types of armor and numerous ranged and close-combat weapons. A players choice of gear for their character will fundamentally change their game play and how they should be used in combat; a heavy armored merc can take the hits, but their encumbrance is increased and so it costs more AP to move around the map; armed with a melee weapon they could be a front line berserker dealing massive damage and shrugging off the hits, or a long ranged tank that doesn't need to worry about moving around too much. Each weapon has its own range, including shorter range pistols, assault rifles and long range sniper rifles; the closer to a weapons optimal range a target is then the more damage an attack can do vs the armor rating of the target and the type of cover they may have taken.


The global map of Broxton gives players an overview of what is happening and when, with quests players can head to a designated zone to complete an area specific quest, or they can activate their generic quests that can be completed in many locations. Switching to the political map players can see the outcome of the Conquest feature where player clans battle against one another to try and wrestle control of their own turf from each other. The global map opens up dozens of different battle maps to fight across; players will find themselves fighting in carparks, industrial complexes, military outposts, construction yards and a variety of different urban landscapes. With different elements of cover such as crates, walls, abandoned cars and more, players can also full utilize different buildings by entering them or in some cases going to different floors or climbing up onto the rooves.


Operating System: Win XP
Processor: Dual Core 2.2GHz
Memory: 2GB
Hard Drive Space: 5GB
Graphics: Radeon HD3600 or GeForce GT330

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