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SkyRama F2P

SkyRama is an f2p browser game with high-quality cartoon graphics which offers players the opportunity to create and manage an airport, and interact with friends and airports from the entire world by offering cooperative gameplay, through players sharing flights, cargo, and air shows. Also casual strategy gameplay, with multiple resources, airport micromanagement, and flight planning to keep you challenged.


Players start with a small and charming airstrip and have to develop it into a large and cosmopolitan hub with worldwide connections to all their friends. Following the exciting careers and lives of a small cast of lovely characters (the captain, the luggage hauler, the stewardess and so on), players grow their airport and become a valued member of the team and their lives. Sending and servicing flights generates income with bonuses for cooperating with buddies that can be spent on cool aircrafts and improving the airport’s design, gradually unlocking all kinds of wild custom aircrafts.


- Dynamic flight-map tracking connections between friends
- 15 different aircrafts with unique features
- Daily, as well as story driven quests
- Wide selection of airports as well as passenger buildings
- Many different decoration items and landscapes

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