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World of Tanks Generals F2P

World of Tanks: Generals is a turn-based CCG (collectible cards game) with a world war II theme. The game has hundreds of cards and can be played on any major browser for free. There are different game modes to keep players engaged and the most important thing is that the game features all content from the well-known World of tanks.

- Hundreds of cards
- Pve and PvP content
- Linked to World of tanks account
- For casual gamers with a deep tactical layer
- Completely free

The game features battling against players and AI with your cards, they can be tanks from World of tanks with their own strengths and weaknesses or something else, players have a small grid as battlefield and they can put their cards on those slots.

They have to keep their headquarters save while attack the enemy ones at the same time, considering the different type of tanks and cards there are plus they have different abilities and skills, players will have to work on their strategy to beat their opponents. Depending on the game type the goal objective may vary.

There are hundreds of different cards, all types of tanks from World of tanks are present, players must put a deck together thinking on their strategy, they have vehicles, infantry, artillery and orders which allow special actions to take place during the game. The cards are themed for the different factions within the game.

There are different game modes for players to enjoy with different goals, there are also missions where players are asked to complete with a specific goal, and usually match the difficulty with player's skill, so for new players or just new to the genre, they can enjoy pve with campaigns and missions and when they're ready they can go and battle against other players. Meanwhile veterans of this type of game can jump straight into player versus player matches and the historic campaigns.

There is a very cool mode where players team up and join a tournament where territory warrying takes places and it's the high end content of the game.

The game runs on browser and mobile devices so millions of players can join and play together, since the same account will be used for them all your progress will be kept and you can have a quick battle at anytime from anywhere.

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