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SkySaga F2P

GAME STYLE: Free to play MMO Sandbox
DEVELOPED BY: Radiant Worlds


This open world adventure sandbox title takes the traditional elements of other similar games where you can dig up the block based world, gather unique crafting resources, build and trade, and then adds in its own MMO based features such as questing content, social hub areas, guilds and more. Completely free to play SkySaga covers crafting, PVP and PVE content with an involved and easy to pick up NPC Guild System.


- Create and customize your character from four individual races
- Loot items, craft them or get them as quest rewards and equip your character
- Head into dangerous portals into Arctic, Jungle, Forest or Desert environments
- Dynamic worlds created for you to explore
- Gather schematics to craft all manner of items for your character
- Build up your own person Home Island space
- Complete quests for the three NPC Guilds for unique rewards
- Free to play


The game offers something for everyone, ranging from resource gathering and learning new schematics to create items, exploring new regions to find landmarks, powerful enemies and loot from PVE challenges, or going head to head against other players in PVP. The game is as solo or social as you want it to be, with plenty of content to suit the lone player, many of the features are improved with group play and playing with friends.

Whilst similar to other games in this genre, SkySaga boasts the highest quality graphics of them all currently and is a beautiful game for both its aesthetic, and the general immersion created when heading into different zones.


A key component to the game is gathering resources, this can be done by destroying the block based environment with pixkaxes or weapons, which either enter your inventory automatically or can be picked up off the ground. Doing this physically destroys the environment, so players can dig deep into the ground, carve tunnels through hills, but even replace the blocks they have mine and build walls, platforms, structures and more with them. Resources come in all shapes and sizes; wood from destroyed trees, rock and dirt from the ground, bone, food, crystal and more. From here resources can be taken to your own workbench crafted on your personal home island space and turned into more useful items such as furniture, inventory chests, armor and weapons, and other unique items. Players will need schematics for different items to be able to craft them, as well as the necessary resources and access to the correct workbench; many schematics are looted or acquired as rewards when completing quests, particularly for the Settlers Guild.


Whilst players can get by with simply trading with other players, in reality at some point they are going to have to head out into the world, fight against dangerous enemies and head into treacherous places to seek out more valuable resources and loot. Accessing these new locations is done by crafting a special keystone which can be used to open up a portal, the type of environment (Arctic, Desert, Jungle or Forest) it opens up to depends on the keystone that is used. The portal areas have a variety of landmarks including a typically obvious location where players will be able to find the exit portal, often protected by a challenging boss elite creature. The Explorers Guild quests generally focus on hunting certain creatures, finding landmarks, and will reward player with gear to help them in specific environments.


Player versus player combat is the domain of the Gladiator's Guild, challenging players to enter the Arena and fight in the currently two available PVP modes; Team Deathmatch or Capture the Flag. Team Deathmatch is a straight up brawl between two teams trying to secure the most kills before the time limit is up, Capture the Flag requires three flag captures to win the game; as it is an objective focused and base orientated game mode players can also benefit from destroying and building up the terrain to make reaching the flag harder or making defensive positions.


Operating System: Win Vista or higher
Processor: Dual Processor (2 Ghz)
Memory: 2-4GB depending on graphical quality
Graphics: Nvidia GT220 model or above

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